I Think, Therefore I Am

Cogito, ergo sum “I Think, Therefore I Am“. Most of us know this as a line from a hyped song on reels ‘Therefore I am’, sung by Billie Eilish. Seldom know that this statement was ice-breaking for the 17th century philosopher. When the entire ‘French Philosophy Community’ was skeptic about their own existence, Rene Descartes […]

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Our purpose of life should be a life of purpose. Today, we stand in the world where everything is heightened and fast and short termed and more precisely, self-centered. Years are passing like months and months like weeks and weeks like days and so on and on. And throughout our, say entire life, we keep […]


An Undefined Emotion

Love is when someone saves you from your own self. Life is an unpredictable cycle, which keeps running, unstop-ably. We try applying brakes to it many-a-times, unaware of he fact that there’s no such feature installed. Things happen: Good and Bad. Some of us cope up with it easily. Some may take years. And some […]

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Screw Feminism-: A Cool Trend

  Its been approx 4 yrs since I’m writing or supporting stuffs related to FEMINISM.┬áRight back then when I started supporting it, I came across few posts or blogs which stated how FEMINISM and FEMINISTS are trying to dominate men and defaming them. I was a bit new to all these, so I dug more […]

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Indian Society and Rape

Dear Indian Society, I am Nirbhaya, Shakti, Asifa, Tanya, Jaya, 4 months unnamed child and many more living amongst you. I am a student, a teacher, a photojournalist, a doctor, an actor, an infant and moreover a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister. As a child my parents and you yourself ‘Indian Society’ […]

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Kyuki Tumhe Ye Pasand Jo The

Yu to kaafi arsa ho gaya hain tumhe mujhse bichhre Par aaj bhi maine jhumke pehne hai Aaj bhi maine salwar kameej pehn rakhi hai Dupatta ek taraf daal rakha hai Kyuki Tumhe Ye Pasand Jo The… Yu to main kajal kabhi lagati nahi Par haan aaj kajal bhi lagaya hai Baalon ko khula chhor […]

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Why Do I Hate Chetan Bhagat

Who is Chetan Bhagat? A part time writer and a full time dancer. – Manpreet Kaur (Indian Booktuber) Disclaimer: If you haven’t read Bhagat’s books but watched movies based on his books and you consider him a good author. Lemme tell you one thing, the books and the movies are entirely different. Chetan Bhagat, the […]

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